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Pool jump

sssSUMMMMMMERR is finally here!!!! This past winter was so awful we felt we needed something REALLY fabulous to wash away our winter blues, so…we installed a pool!!  That’s right, the rumors are true; The Groove Hound has a POOL!!!  Not only are we the only doggie daycare offering indoor and OUTDOOR play areas now we have a pool to boot.  

Our specially designed pool came all the way from sunny California where it was built and created JUST FOR DOGS!!  The outside of the pool is constructed from the same materials used in kayaks and the triple filtration system keeps the pool fresh,  clean & bacteria free.  Fabulous.

The pool officially opens for all daycare attendees on MONDAY, JUNE 9, 2014.

Want to get your dog into the summer action at the Groove Hound? Give us a call to begin the enrollment process!!

Hours of Operation

The Playground:  Monday – Friday 7am – 7pm

Office Hours: Tuesday – Friday 8am-5pm

Groove Hound Outbound dog walking:  Walking services available Monday-Friday 9am-6pm starting at $12.50 for twenty minute walks for single dogs. Weekend hours available 11am-6pm starting at $17.50 for twenty minute walks.

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Older posts…

December 2013: What’s new at The Groove Hound? Well, November was our BIRTHDAY, as of November 4, 2014,  it’s be 5 years since we opened our doors to our first grooming clients. What an amazing journey,  we are so proud of how far we’ve come and thank you all for your loyalty and support.

This year we’re celebrating our birthday by growing yet again.  In November, The Groove Hound welcomed our friends and family from our sister salon Suds & Swagger to our family, permanently.  Kelly and Gert decided to close down S&S in order to devote themselves full time to The Groove Hound. We’d like to welcome all of our S&S clients & volunteers and look forward to a successful merger.  Additionally, The Groove Hound’s outbound team has been busy pounding the pavements with our four-legged pals by branching out to include Dog Walking Services. After several years, our good friends at Love City Pets, Brent & Chrissy West, decided it was time for them to move on with the next chapter in their life and they’ve entrusted us with taking care of their beloved dog walking business and it’s clients. Effective immediately, The Groove Hound will officially be offering dog walking to our list of available services! :)

So, quick re-cap:  Happy Birthday Groove Hound, “Welcome” to the gang of Suds & Swagger  & Hurray for dog walking services now available through The Groove Hound!!!

Check out some of our favorite pics of our pals at The Playground

Hey Guys, wanna come check out my house?”


“What are you looking at? Oh, us? Yes, we know we’re gorgeous” – Winnie & Henry


The little kids

The little kids

Fun in the sun!


This is Max, after his grooming this morning, he’s on yard patrol, keeping everyone else in line.


Filling up the pool is the best part of the day!

oscar in pool

Hi, I’m Oscar! And this is pretty much where you’ll always find me, I LOVE to swim”




Two pools are better than one!


“If I keep trying, I just KNOW I can pick this ball up with my mouth – and maybe take it to the POOL!”


“Hey Oscar, can I come in too?” – Winnie


“This chair is just the right size for me!” – Roxanne


Addie decides to relax in the pool while Henry tries to figure out where Alabama has gone. Hey Henry, look down!


“Hey Guys, Come on in!” – Stryder

The gang

Oscar, Remy, Winnie & Cain are all sitting politely waiting for treats

tired& wet

DogOmar is all tuckered out from his swim in the pool, now for a quick rest.

waiting for treats

“Look how cute we are, can we have some treats?” -Dog Omar, Thalia, Remy & Cain


“Welcome to The Playground! I’m Stryder and I’ll be your tour guide today.”


“Hmmm, something is missing, oh it’s the water. That’s okay, I’ll ‘swim’ anyway.” – Addie


“Oh, Winnie! You are so weird!” – Oscar


“Doesn’t anyone want to come swim with me?” – Winnie


“Ready or not, here I come!” – Winnie



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